Blended Louis Vuitton


Zagreb is something like the freaky walking street museum of  Louis Vuitton bags. Fakes and originals surrounding me in all available  shapes and sizes. It’s always funny  how people have a need to explain why they have it and wear it. It’s a social statement bag, so from those who are blending it into personal style and not carrying it around as a trophy you will always hear something like: “it’s my mothers, I love it, I have it for ages, before it became so popular…” They have a need to explain the reason why they are carrying it around.

On really rare occasions I see people who wear LV bags because they like them, not because they mean something. And very often that people wear them with style. I was drawn immediately by this outfit! Perfect, subtle geometrical composition from hair and all way down to shoes, blue colour tones perfectly matched… And a statement bag! Louis Vuitton perfectly blended in (colour and pattern). I just love it!

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